Fisherman from Vancouver | IntelliSteer Wireless Steering

Fisherman from Vancouver

"I think [Intellisteer] is an excellent system. I've been a user of the system for 10 years, I've had a wired system previously and now I use the wireless system with great ease.

The previous system was great in that it was a very direct drive and it was very foolproof. But, I had an extra bit of machinery and cables going back into my motor. Without that, this is a slicker system, it attaches to my hydraulic steering so I can even steer my main running engine if needed with the remote if needed as well. There are times when my kicker doesn't go and I can still fish remotely. 

I'd highly recommend this system. It is very efficient for the price and for fisherman it's a much wiser choice than some of the more complex systems out there for pure fishing. We have so many other navigation items on our boats it seems that the duplication just doesn't really make a difference. For straight fishing control, I think that this is an excellent system.

I was talking to a friend of mine who had installed a more expensive system and originally he thought that my system was turning the boat too slow. He's now decided that his system moves too fast and he actually gets into a bit of trouble tangling his lines. I find that [Intellisteer] is a really nice tap, tap, tap, slow turn system that keeps your lines where they should be. It's very trouble-free."

Rod, Fisherman from Vancouver BC