Steve Pace who recently re-built a 1976 Carlisle, 40 foot Houseboat

"My wife and I have recently re-built a 1976 Carlisle, 40 foot Houseboat and here is my story:

The first thing that I regretted was not having a Flying Bridge (steering on top of boat) where I could at least be outside with my guests or just outside in general. In the pursuit of trying to find a salvageable Flying Bridge, I came across this NEW product called IntelliSteer.

I ordered and installed it. The pricing is very reasonable. Installing is relatively simple by a marine mechanic in a couple of hours. There are several models to accommodate every type of boat.

It is fantastic. I can steer my boat from ANYWHERE using a hand held controller. From the topside (outside) or on the sofa in the living area (inside) or the front bow feeling the breeze, or even from the aft (rear).

I have personally owned 3 different pontoon boats and one cruising boat and now this houseboat. I can see applications for this with all of these boats from my past. Often, with my pontoons, I would set my boat steering toward a destination and would sneak up front and just enjoy the ride. Then hurry back to steering wheel to make a necessary adjustment. With the IntelliSteer you can actually sit up front AND steer.

By the way, the IntelliSteer units do not have anything to do with your speed, just direction by using a remote control to adjust left and right.

It is so nice to be able to move around; to not be saddled to your helm (steering wheel)."

Steve Pace