Type ST | IntelliSteer Wireless Steering

Type ST


  • Wireless Control
  • Helm Replacement Drive Unit
  • Electronic clutch
  • Fits behind dash
  • Type S for Straight Shaft Helms
  • Type T for Helms with Tilt function
  • Easy to use installation kit

Key Features:

  • Replaces existing helm
  • Electronic clutch disengages for manual steering
  • Rotary drive system
  • Fits behind dash
  • Type S for straight shaft helms, Type T for helms with tilt function
  • Safety override technology
  • Current 1.25A Typical, 5A Max while steering
  • Includes Wireless Control System, Drive System, Installation Kit

Typical Installation

Optional Accessories

  Order Code Description
Additional Pendants OCTAFINTHHFC For adding a second pendant, or to replace original.
Can be paired in field with existing receiver
Includes 2 x A23 batteries and lanyard